Dragon Boat 2016

//Dragon Boat 2016

Dragon Boat 2016

Dear Paddler, sport lovers and supporters

We received the registration document for The 2016 Dragon Boat Race Festival !

This year, the event will take place on Thursday, 9 of June (Tuen Ng Festival, official holiday). Please update your calendar and block the date ! As usual, we will register a Mixed Belgian Team for the race in Stanley and once again we hope for great results and great team spirit.

During the race 18 people have to be on the boat, but we need to have more people in the Team because some of us travel, have family or business obligations and cannot make it every training session. We will accept up to 25 participant for the training session (first come first serve) and participation during the races will depend upon the attendance during the training.

Sponsoring will not cover all costs, and we ask each participant to contribute. This covers the registration fee for the boat, training sessions with a coach and a steersman, the beverage during and after each session, the famous Belgian Red Devils T-shirt and last but not least a lot of fun ! The individual contribution will be of 500 HKD for Belgian club members and 600 HKD for non-members. If your company wants to sponsor or if you have contacts, please send an email to this address or contact us.

Scheduled training sessions, all of them on Saturday :

April 09: 14.15-16.10 – 2 hours
April 16: 14.15-16.10 – 2 hours
April 23: 14.15-16.10 – 1 hour
April 30: 14.15-16.10 – 2 hours
May 07: 16.15-17.10 – 1 hour
May 21: 14.15-16.10 – 2 hours
May 28: 14.15-16.10 – 2 hours
June 9: Race Day


We will keep you updated with more details regarding our meeting point, shirts etc… Again, this year we will use Facebook as one of the communication tools (it is always exciting to see the amazing pictures or our training sessions).

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