20 Nov – Bike Ride & BBQ!

//20 Nov – Bike Ride & BBQ!

20 Nov – Bike Ride & BBQ!

Join us for a fun bike ride from Shatin to Tai Mei Tuk on 20th November, followed by a nice BBQ as a reward!

The bike ride consists of about 20km of flat road, with nice views of the waterfront, and a stop at the lovely┬áTai Po waterfront park. Once at Tai Mei Tuk, we can leave the bikes there and go to our BBQ place (it’s a BBQ buffet, all is served there). Should be fun, with the nice (and dry!) November weather!

Contact Nic by Nov 13 at the latest if interested. Count around 250 HK$ per person for Bike & BBQ. If you’re interested in the Bike part only, no problem! just let me know.

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